Photogenic Spots to Visit in Chiang Mai

best Chiang Mai tours

If you are looking for stunning places to visit in Thailand, Chiang Mai is the best place to go. Aside from having a unique and rich culture, Chiang Mai offers a wide brochure of attractions to tourists and backpackers who are looking for awesome spots to point their cameras at. The city has a number of beautiful temples, national parks, ancient ruins, and national parks that would surely take your breath away.

The following are some of the best places in Chiang Mai you must explore:

1. Wat Prathat Doi Suthep

best Chiang Mai tours

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This famous mountaintop temple should definitely be in your bucket list when you’re in Chiang Mai. The temple exhibits a large statue of a seated Buddha overlooking the city. If you want to visit the site, you have to take a winding road that passes a couple of breathtaking waterfalls. You can enjoy the impressive view from the temple platform.

The site can be traced back in 1386 and is considered as one of Thailand’s most significant religious places. The gallery inside the temple is adorned with Buddha statues in different styles.

2. Wat Chedi Luang

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This famous historical site dates back between 1385 and 1402 under the kingship of Saen Muang Ma, the 7th king of the Mengrai dynasty. This massive pagoda measures 80 meter tall and 60 meters across at the square base with massive elephant carvings that adorned the base of the structure. Wat Chedi Luang once served the home of the most holy religious relic, Emerald Buddha.

3. Chiang Mai Zoo

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Located in the foothills of Doi Suthep, the Chiang Mai Zoo covers 200 acres of land and houses about 400 different species of animals. The zoo showcases a walk through aviary, freshwater aquarium, and two adorable young pandas, Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui, who are named the goodwill ambassadors from China.

4. Doi Inthanon

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This national park is located at the highest peak in Thailand, which is surrounded with a number of natural wonders. You can find several waterfalls, two pagodas built in honor of King Bhumibol and Queen, Sikirit, and a hill tribe village nearby the vicinity of the park.

5. Hill tribes

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Northern Thailand is famous for hill tribe tours including the famous long neck tribes. Delve into the local culture and capture the vibrant colours of the hill tribe costumes and ritual by going on a hill tribe trek, for more info visit